Hiding Text In Repeating Group When Data Value Is Blank or 0

Hey everyone,

I’m making this rsvp page: https://snipboard.io/AwqabX.jpg
and have a text cell to display the number of guests in one of the text fields, however, if they are not attending (Can you attend = No) or if they have 0 guests, id like that option to disappear since it’s not relative to them.

However, I cannot find a conditional relationship to make it set that way and I cant find the option in a workflow. Can someone please provide some help and advise the best way to do this?

More Pics Below

Thank you in advance!


Pic of design & Text Workflow https://snipboard.io/mpQKIi.jpg

Hi there, @james38… if I am seeing/understand your setup correctly, you should be able to build an expression on the Conditional tab that says when Current cell's RSVP's Number of Guests is 0 or Current cell's RSVP's Can you attend = no, the element is not visible (select the This element is visible option and leave the checkbox unchecked). Have you already tried that?


Hey Mike,

The first thing I noticed was I had set the conditional to “input Numbers of guests’ value is” and not current cell’s value and I see why now, but even after changing to "current cells rsvp number of guests is " I couldn’t complete the expression because I do not see an option after clicking “is” where I can set that value. I am directed back to this list: https://snipboard.io/rQwUiJ.jpg whcih starts me back at the beginning of the options. I cant find a way to set “is 0 or Current cell’s RSVP’s Can you attend = no”

Am I missing something?

Thank you for your fast response!

Just type a 0 where your cursor is in that screenshot and then click away from that area and the expression should complete.

Thank you for that tip! I didn;t know I could manually input values. However for some reason it is still not hiding the element. Ive made sure I matched the case style of the options too. It may be worth noting that I couldnt get the “can you attend’s” value to connect to the database when the field type was Yes/No so I had to set it to text to make it come through. I was having the same problem as shown here: How do I set a yes/no field value via dropdown? but I couldnt find a solution since I couldnt figure out “Create an option set: Display = yes, value=yes (type yes/no), Display=No, value=no (type yes/no). And in the dropdown use dynamic choices (the option set created)” Specifially what or how to create an option set.

Could that be why its not working?

Pic of new conditions https://snipboard.io/Ro32ix.jpg

To add, the Data type for “Name” Is set as a User Value, should it be text?

You have to click the dropdown below the expression and select the This element is visible option and leave the box unchecked. So, in other words, you have set the condition, but you haven’t specified what should happen when the condition is true.

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Understood, that made it work! Thank you so much!!

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