Adding selected dates to date list question

I wonder if somebody can give me a hint about how to solv this.
I created a “Notavailable” field for the type User, as a list of dates.
I added in the user page an AirDate/TimePicker element choosing “Multiple

Dates” so the user can choose different days to be not available.
Problem: How do I create the workflow from there? I did a Data>Make change to thing> Notavailabe add, but from there no clue.
I can choose AirDate/Timepicker selected multiple dates but Buuble is asking for some more parameters.
I need to save each day separately because of other search parameters in my app…
Many thanks.

Instead of add, try set (will overwrite whatever is already there) or add list.

Hi Louis,
Thanks for the tip. The “add list” did the trick. :slight_smile:

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