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Dropdown & Multidrop down

How do you get your chosen options from either the Dropdown or Multidrop down to show up on a list outside of the drop down, that you can then run workflows on the list of selected options

Hey @david.mcrobbie.cambr, you can either save the selections to a list field in your database or use a custom state value that is a list.

Option 1 example:

Say you have an Ethnicity list field under a data type called Company. You’d add the selected ethnicity to that Company’s list field. "When dropdown’s value is changed " > make a change to a Company > Ethnicity add This dropdown’s value.

Option 2 example:

EDIT!! “When dropdown’s value is changed” > set state > value = Element’s State: plus item This dropdown’s value

For the custom state, you need to select an element on which to attach that state. Label the state “Ethnicity List” and make it a type text, make it a list. Now, you can run workflows on this custom state’s list value.


You can first store selections to the custom state and then SAVE the state list to the list field in the database.

Example: When Save button is clicked > Make changes to Company > Ethnicity list add list Custom State’s value.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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