Adding to a List of a List

Hey there!

I have a problem which I am trying to fix for quite a while now, but I think it could be that i have a Problem with the Database design itself but im not sure about it, so I thought you guys know how to fix it.

I got a User and a User can create Collections (e.g. Party-Collection, Holiday Collection,…) and into these Collections the User should be able to add Outfits with a workflow of a button each of the Outfits has in its according repeating group.

I know I should use the “Make changes to a thing/Make changes to a list”-Workflow but i tried so many things in there but it just wont work.

My Database is structured like this
User —> Name(text), Gender(GenderTypes), UserCollections(List of Collections)
Collection —> Creator(User), Outfits(List of Outfits), CollectionName(text)
Outfit —> Creator(User), OutfitImage(image), OutfitName(text)

Is this even a correct Database design for my purpose or do i need to structure it in a different way? If the structure is okay, how can implement, that the current user can add an outfit to an existing collection via button click workflow?

Ty in advance for answers!

The structure looks ok. To add a thing to an existing list you need a workflow that consists minimum of two steps:

  1. create a new Outfit thing.
  2. make changes to Collection thing → Outfits: This Collection's Outfits + result of step 1

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