Adjust height of nested groups to fit display

Hi guys,

I’ve got the following setup (screenshot):

I’ve a single page app (gray background) with header (floating group) and footer (normal group).

The white group in the middle should manage the content (and it does, height is adjusting right to the footer).

Within the “Content-Group” I have a few reusable elements, which are visible depending on the user’s navigation.

My problem now is the contacts table:

When I set it to fit height to content if gets too big and goes underneath the footer. And without the fight height to content - flag it does not resize to its full potential.

The problem here really is that this table is not directly within the “Content Group” but within the reusable element. What are the correct settings here?

I could make the table at a fix (bigger) height so its fits better than its minimum height but then i lose flexibility with different screen sizes etc.

If i copy the exact same table from the reusable element directly into the page’s “Content Group” it will fit height (with scrollbar) as it should:

BUT: I want to manage my “pages” within reusable elements for better clarity

Some ideas?

//EDIT: As always, after posting I get another idea to test things out:
The table (within the reusable element) is in a group. I ungrouped the table and now it works.

Dont konw why thats causing the problem tho

Well, after renewing the table’s parent group, its working now as it should’ve before…


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