This group height is out of control!

I have a reusable element. its basically a set of slides that goes though when a person presses a button. I have the height set to 300 pixels, but for some reason it grows each time I press the button (5 times total). But I have everything in a group, groups in groups.

Can you tell my why this happens? here are pics

First panel is perfect. So I press the button…

now the reusable element is bigger.

after 5 clicks

Ridiculous! I cant figure out how to stop this

here is some of the panel and groups

Not sure what else to post to figure out whats going on

Maybe try to check the box:


on your textbox? Does that help?

Sadly it performs exactly the same.

The mistake you are making is NOT stacking the groups under each other with 0 px space between them. The groups should be stack underneath so you could see and edit them all at once in the editor (not picking one group, and then hiding it and picking another)

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@hirscr Did you figure out the solution? I’m having the same issue

I think bartek had it right. I did fix this, and I think it needed to be fixed byu having the groups that were on top of each other be positioned with 0 space between them I don’t know why that should have worked, but I did get it corrected