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okay so i have a listings web app

and now i would like to add a admin panel so that i can approve and decline ads that are listed

For example

user post listing
listing then goes to pending
then i can approve or decline it
if approved it goes live

how would i go by doing this

You can either use the app data tab in the data section to modify data by hand, or build you own page withe different repeating groups and workflows. It’s very much like building a page for your users, but for yourself.

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I have the same usecase as articulated by ItsJustBusiness. I used to be able to edit entries in my Live data, but now i’m no longer able to edit an entry. When I try to edit, It pops a message saying Live DB is read-only. How can I go about editing something in Live Data?
Thanks in advance,

Figured it out. I had forgotten to make my app “public” before updating the Live App data. It works now. Thanks!

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Is there a way to restrict access to the “admin” panel to only an administrator?

I tend to hard code my email address into the page load , so it the user isnt me … redirect. Crude, but works.

Where or how do I do that? Workflow?

Seems that there should be a global setting somewhere. @emmanuel

Just to check, do you mean the bubble data tabs ?

Or do you want to build an admin page ?

Yes what I want is to build an Admin page which no one can access but certain users (me).