Udemy course apps suggested by Bubble.is don't work in reality

Oops! I meant to type admin page instead of panel there! And it’s no problem at all! :slight_smile:

Building an admin page is similar to building a page for your app, but only for yourself (I think there may be a few threads throughout the forum on “admin page”). For example, the page will probably contain many repeating groups and input elements which will enable you to create, modify, edit delete and set up any workflows you need in order alter the data in the way that you need to. There are many ways to set up the page since every app has different data types to modify, but I would recommend setting it up in a way that makes it very easy for you to view all data, and modify any fields you would need to.

In order to make sure the page is only accessed by your account, you can create a workflow on the admin page such as "When page is loaded and Current User’s email is notblainewgates@email.com”(as an example) → Go to page (index). This would redirect any User who is not you to the home page, if they tried to access the admin page through the URL.

If you’re going to have many admins (not just your account), you can create a new field on the User data type for Admin (type: yes/no, list: no). Then the workflow for the admin page would instead be “When page is loaded and Current User’s Admin is ‘no’” → go to page index. Set the value of the Admin field to be “no” by default when creating the field, and make sure that your account has admin privileges if you’re going this route. Then the admin page would probably need a section which granted admin privileges to other Users (by using a ‘Toggle’ switch in a repeating group of Users which modifies the admin field, for example).

You can also add security by setting up additional conditions for each workflow. For example if your admin page has a few input elements which enable you to create new Cities, then the workflow for the “Create City” button on the admin page could be “When Create City button is clicked and Current User’s admin is yes” → Data–> Create a City. This way, there is a double ‘check’ with the condition on the workflow, to make sure data is only being created by a User who is an admin.

Last but not least! You can make the data more secure by creating privacy roles for the different data types. Privacy roles will allow you to adjust who can search for, modify and use auto-binding for your app’s data. I would definitely recommend setting those up, but be careful as sometimes it can be easy to forget they are set up, and if data is not showing when you are testing, it is probably due to a privacy role. Just wanted to point that out, as it’s easy to uncheck certain boxes by accident, and wonder why certain data is not loading or being modified (I only say it because I’ve had to learn this from experience a few too many times :sweat_smile: ).

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