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Hello Fellow App makers!

I am working on an app.

I have a datatype:

So now I have 2 input fields:

When I hit go, I would like to to go to a admin page, ONLY WHEN there is a data entry that matches the content in the fields.

For example, one of the field entry is
IdentificationNumber: 01
AdminPW: 12f

The user inputs 01, 12f and the page goes to the admin page

The user inputs 01, 12j and a warning appears saying incorrect ID or PW

Thanks y’all!


Why don’t you add a boolean ‘isAdmin’ to the user datatype and use this to restrict the access to the admin panel?

I see some problems with your approach especially because the user that ‘logs in’ using your admin credentials does not have any user session (I assume the login is available without being logged in). So if someone has the link to the admin panel, he will be able to see the page (!) even without your authentication.

If you really want to stick with your approach, you can create a workflow for your button. Add a condition (only when) and check if your id and pass match an entry, if true, redirect to the admin page.


I would add a boolean for isAdmin, but I don’t want a user login system.

I agree with this:

However, I would just like to keep it this way for now.

Thanks, I’ll be in touch!

If you don’t want a login system, you could recycle it:

The admin panel could be only accessible by ‘users’ logged in. What you can do is do a password field and upon clicking the login button log a default user in with a predefined email (hardcode the login email). The result would be a real session and you could do “if current user is logged in” to secure the panel.


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