Only go further when name and password are correct

Hello there!
I am making a app with a admin panel where a huge pop up shows up that covers the whole screen when the page is loaded. I also made a Data type called verificationForAdmins with 2 fields: A name and a password. Now i know i could just make a data field on Users called role and if the page is loaded and Role isnt admin, i redirect them. But the person i am making this for really wants it this way. So i kind of want a user to log in, but not with a email and password but with a Name and a Code. Also, this Name and Code isnt stored in the User data type, but in the verificationForAdmins page. Can someone help?

If the name and code isn’t related to user there’s only one way, but everyone who knows the name and code will be allowed to login.

In the login WF insert a conditional at only when: do a search for name = input name and do a search for code = input code

Thanks @ezduriez! But what do i fill in by email and password?? Also there are more than 1 name and more than 1 codes, does this matter? Every admin has his own

To log the user in you need their credentials.

Solution but not safe: create a new page which doesn’t need to be logged in. When the admin insert Name and Code redirect to this page. Insert a WF on this page “page loaded” only when search for user=current user’s name and repeat for the current user’s code. If this condition doesn’t match send user back to home page.