Advanced Filtering - Display data in RG from various sources

I have a main repeating group that shows all the companies there are.

Now, I have a few filters I need to utilize - each filter by itself works like this one:
One filter for example is to filter companies by sectors: there is a separate repeating group of sector data types (A sector has a field which is a list of companies which belong to this sector) with radio buttons to choose sectors, by saving them in a temporary list using a custom state - and once you hit an Ok button the main repeating group of the companies is now showing a new list, which is a list of all the companies of the sectors chosen in the previous step, in the custom state.

Now it all works great with one filter like that - but I need to have more filters for various categories, for example: Indices, net worth, years of activity, location, etc (each category has a list of companies as a field).

So my question is how to combine the display of the main repeating group of companies with all of those filters together - because right now each filter is showing its own list at a time.

Is my approach is the right one from the start, using custom states and such, or is there a completely different approach to do this from the beginning?

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For the benefit of all I will post the answer I received from bubble support which solved my problem:

“… One thing that could be useful here is the :intersect functionality. Whereas :merged with displays all items that are in Data Set A and Data Set B, :intersect displays items that are only in both Data Set A and Data Set B. For instance, you can express it in your app as such:
“Do a search for all companies with specific indices” :intersect with “Do a search for all companies with specific sectors”, which will then yield you a list of companies that fit both criteria.”