Advice needed cant go live due to 102 problems however it shows i have 0

hi guys i just need some advice…

my app says there is 102 problems needed sorting before going live. However, the little problem square tells me i have 0. i cannot see any problems. What do i do >?

I’ve had this in the past that the errors won’t show up. Load different editor pages to see if it kick starts the issue checker again. Also, I once read that there are some URL parameters to make the issue checker do different things.

(One mistake - which I’m sure I’m the only who ever committed it - one mistake I made was to be in the LIVE environment looking for the errors. Again, only a distracted soul like myself would do this.)

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Thankyou ! I just went through everything and found a page with 100+ hidden problems ive now successfully fixed and deployed!

Thankyou very much!

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