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From development to live issue

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m trying to deploy my app to live (which I already did with no issue for the app) but I got a message “Deploying to live- We’re not ready for prime-time yet. There are two things you need to fix before going live…” and then the issue box open with no issue to fix hehe…
Any idea how to solve that ??

This appeared after I had to “sync”

I just had same problem, I’ll describe so maybe its something simillar.

It was on header element page.
I’m using a plugin called SLIDE BAR MENU.
Two commands that I provided on workflow (go to page xxxx) I didnt mentioned DATA TO SEND.
When these are missing the system indentifies but not list as things to fix.

I’m not saying its exactly same thing, but mine was on workflows.
Maybe its there too.

Simply make sure you have no errors, see issue checker

There’s no issu in the checker :wink: that’s the point

If you have more than one page you need to check all, the issue checker only shows errors after you visit a page, if you still dont see any errors after going to all pages on your app, tgen I recommend reaching out to bubble support, they will definitely help you.

Thats a good tip, visiting all pages and reusable elements refresh the issues list.
Thank you, I didn’t notice that.


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