Advice on storing API results to database or simply display via workflow

Hi everyone - I’m build an application that enables users to use Spotify data for music discovery. The general UX is:

  1. User searches for a track
  2. User clicks a button to show similar songs
  3. Result is displayed, which is a list of tracks with other info provided via Spotify API (label, popularity, genre, etc.)
  4. User selects another song from the list to play then the cycle repeats.

What is the best practice to handle the API result, should I be storing in a table in my database or should I simply display the result in a repeating group or table? As of now, I’ve been using a workflow to display the results in a repeating table, but I have not figured out how to do the same thing for a Table. Is this even possible with the new Table feature?

It seems like the solution I have in place works, but I’m not sure if it is the best long-term solution/what the tradeoffs are. I feel like storing the results in the database will give me lots of flexibility down the road to add new features like charts, etc. but, is data storage a concern?

To give a better sense of where I want to take this project, here are some apps I found for inspiration that have elements of what I want to do in bubble:

Thanks in advance for the help!