After adding "forgot forgot password, reset action" can't log in

Hi Everyone, after adding “forgot forgot password, reset action” can’t log in.

So in my app I can sign up , then it saves in Data, but for some reason I can’t log in. It happened before, but after I added a function forgot password, reset password, send the reset password to the email, the link works, I can reset password. But I can’t log in. I don’t know why it is not working, I do it from tutorials, the same as they are.

Please someone help me!

Thank you!

It sounds like your login page has some problems. Please share what your login button does and how your login page looks like.

Hi Hergin, thank you for reply! It seems that I forgot to attached the screenshots.

Kindly see the screenshots attached. After log in, I am receiving this message.

Thank you for any help!

This is not about bubble. Probably after step1, bubble logs the user in. This looks like about youe step3 (curl call), whatever it is.

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