Login Form does not show up correctly after an unsuccessful login attempt


If there has been an unsuccessful login attempt such as wrong credentials, as soon as the workflow hits an exception in the “Log the user in” action, I see this weird screen. See the image.

I tried creating exception workflow for the “Login Button” in the pop-up. I can catch the error but whatever happens happens before I catch the exception.

Furthermore, I see the same weird screen if I attempt to Log in again after the previous unsuccessful attempt. I need to reload the page to get rid of this odd behaviour.

Looking for your help.

I debugged the error a little. The problem is not in my workflow. It’s in Bubble’s “Log the user in” action. As soon as this action starts, the visual on the page starts to change and turns into this weird screen.
This shouldn’t be the expected behaviour of “Log the user in” action. It is supposed to log the user in as the name suggests, not change the visuals in any way.

I missed traditional programming.

Presumably you’ve got some conditions/conditional workflows that are displaying the unwanted screen…

It should be pretty simple to work out what using the debugger (or just look at the element)

Hi. Thanks for the reply.
First image is my workflow when user click on “Login” in the pop-up. Pretty simple.

I put a breakpoint in the “Log the user in” action and run. Second image is when it hit the breakpoint. You can see that Login pop-up is already gone. But why?

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