New course! Build a community site like Yelp with Bubble

Excited to announce my newest course, “Code-Free Community: Build a web app like Yelp” is officially live! Here are just some of the things we cover in the course (all built with Bubble):

  • A Reddit-like upvoting and sorting mechanism
  • A social feed like Facebook
  • An admin panel to moderate user submissions, add and update business listings
  • Social login with Facebook integration
  • A search engine for finding businesses by category and location
  • A review mechanism that averages and sorts ratings
  • Map and Google Maps integration

With 22 lessons and just over 10 hours of video content, you will come out of this course with some serious Bubble skills :slight_smile:

You can see the full syllabus and sign up for the course here: Zeroqode | No-code apps, plugins, native apps builder for and more

As always, current Bubble users can get 20% off their first three months (just $39/m) with the coupon code “cfsforbubble” - just click the rocket when checking out and enter it there.

On the fence? Here are a few reviews from other Bubble users from my last course on building Airbnb in Bubble:

“I am new to Bubble, and just completed the first 7 lessons of Brent’s amazing AirBnB course (back to back :). I don’t really know anything about coding, but am slightly familiar with Sketch, and played around with Bubble by myself for most of the day yesterday. After watching Brent’s lessons, and building my own AirBnB clone (not finished yet of course), I have learned SO much that I know I wouldn’t have learned anytime soon through my own trial and error. I’ve been a Skillshare subscriber for a few years to learn Illustrator and Photoshop, and Brent’s teaching style and way of explaining things is one of the best I have ever experienced in comparison to all of my other online learning experiences (I’ve taken over 70 Skillshare classes).” Thanks @fayewatson

“Two months later, I’m back on Bubble, searching for solutions, etc, and come across @brentsum post. In a day, I’ve gone along with the videos, making an AirBnB clone, but more importantly, I’ve taken his instruction and started making the app I attempted two months ago, with greater success and, THIS IS HUGE, understanding of how dynamik web apps work in general, and how to create them in Bubble. @brentsum has the innate talent to break down complex ideas of app creation into understanding. To me, that is priceless. And, talent should always be rewarded.”

“provides “A HELL OF A LOT OF VALUE” - honestly, I played with Bubble for a couple of weeks and it was great. I subscribed to his tutorials and learned more going through them than I thought possible. I consider this A HELL OF A LOT A VALUE because I value my time a hell of a lot.”

2018 update: Code-Free Startup has been acquired by Zeroqode :tada:- any questions can now be directed to @ZeroqodeSupport or


Been getting a few questions through live chat, so wanted to add that if you’ve already taken the Airbnb course in the past and have a current subscription, you will be automatically able to enroll in this course without any additional purchase.