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Built with Bubble:

Very excited to “launch” this today to the world:

This is exactly the same application that I teach in my Airbnb course. I wasn’t initially going to launch it as it’s own site, but I feel we need as many launches as possible to show what is possible with Bubble. There are a lot of people in the tech world still doubting code-free apps are a possibility. And the more we launch, the more we show them that it’s not only possible, but it is the most efficient way to validate a startup idea. Would love to hear what you think!

PS - If you have an HN account, help spread the word. (Currently #2)

PPS - The course is here:
20% off for Bubble users. Just use the coupon code “cfsforbubble” when checking out (click on the rocket icon under the Subscribe button to see the coupon area)

2018 update: Code-Free Startup has been acquired by Zeroqode :tada:- any questions can now be directed to @zeroqode or [email protected]


Better is to go to and find the item, direct clicks count negatively.

Ah, good catch! It’s a bit tough to find on newest, but if you go to it’s currently #2

Hi @brentsum
Thank you for posting this here. Have you considered to post a editor link in “view only” mode? Or we will get this if we are taking the course?


@cm1 I would consider doing this for current students! Looking at the workflows can help, but it’s much more helpful if accompanied by the videos so you get the context.

Do you foresee there ever being some sort of code export for Bubble Apps? Just a question.

Not sure. We don’t generate code behind the scene, and it kind of defeat the purpose of Bubble. What we want to do though is to enable people to code the parts that are missing for their apps. That’s definitely something that will come before exporting code, if that happens.


In what language?

Love that homepage background.

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Im guessing JavaScript but we’ll know more as we build this.


Somehow this ended up on Product Hunt today!

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@brentsum, looks like I am your new biggest fan thanks to producthunt.
Loved your training video on bubble responsive design - your training style is simple and effective.
Got me all excited about, the possibilities are amazing.

Thanks @alauddin! And @muradamod the homepage background is actually found in Pexels (via the Bubble image search, just search for “house”). Definitely an unsung feature that makes Bubble awesome.

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