Airtable bug : can't write data into Airtable! (Bubble plugin)


I am using the Bubble’s Airtable plugin to create data in airtable.

Use case very simple, I get inputs from a user, then these inputs data are written into my airtable base.

But today, it seems the connection between Bubble and Airtable is down, or failing. When my Workflow runs to write the data into Airtable, I got the following error message dealing with a “temporarily bug” (sorry, this message is in french).

Any other user experiencing this bug with Airtable plugin? Can we expect this problem to be resolved soon?

Many thanks!
Christophe HK

OK guys, I’ve found the root cause of the issue, and I guess it’s a bug.

The problem with the value of a Date/Time picker component can’t be used twice in the same workflow used to create a new row in airtable. I don’t know for other external API and for other airtable plugin actions, but for the “new row creation” action, we can’t.

I’ve found a workaround, a bit dirty but it works fine and I get all my dates in airtable : I have set a workflow to store the date time picker value as a state of a group, as soon as the value of the date time picker component changes. Then in the workflow action to create a new row in airtable, I used both the date time picker value, and this state, to set the same date in 2 différents (but required) fields in airtable.

A fix would be welcome! (or an explanation of this is a known behavior or a “normal” scenario when using date tile pickers + airtable plugin).

Ok so, next! I’ve lost lot of time today with this issue, I’m late :wink:

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