Airtable data import by multidropdown

Hello everyone!

I am new here and realy fond of this service. Please give me a piece of advice: i have forced with some problems connected with filtering in repeated group using multidropdown element.

I try to import data rows from airtable with plugin. Each row has an indicator. I want to import only rows which has a value from multidropdown.

My actions:

  1. Create multidropdows with all possible indicators
  2. Import all rows without filtering
  3. Add the button with flow:

NOTE: it seems intuitively that I should use the IS IN operation, because the result of multidropdown is LIST of texts. But it leads to problem:

  1. Filtering is done as if it were comparing strings. And the result ABCD will include lines with A, AB, ABC, BC and so on

I tried to use other operations: = / contains / contains key words; to use custom states. But it doesnt work. For example if i chose “=”: when i chose only one element in multidropdown it works perfectly. When try more than one: the result is empty

What am i doing wrong? Is there any workflow to use multiple filtration from external api?