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Hello everybody.

I’m a new user, experimenting with bubble and the Airtable API.
I have a bit of technical knowledge but I’m still unfamiliar with how things are setup on bubble.

I’m making a simple CRUD app with the Airtable API, I’m able to Read the full table and get data from it and map it to the repeated group.
I’m able to POST (Create) a new record with the Airtable API.

What I’m struggling is getting a SINGLE record. I think it should be done by the record ID but I can’t seem to find where to do that. I would like to tap a cell on a repeated group and open a new page with the full details of that cell.
I try to pass that information with Data to Send using the Current Cell’s AirtableField but I can’t seem to retrieve it on the other page.

Can you please point me in the right direction to tackle this?

Set it to “Current Cell’s Unique ID” …all of the ID’s in the URL’s need to be Bubble’s unique IDs and not those from other services such as Airtable.

Do you mean to send the Current Cell’s Unique ID when using Data to Send.
Then how would I retrieve that on a Group on the other page?
What would be the Data Source on the other page?

Btw Can I do that from the Airtable API without using the Bubble DB or I have to transfer the Airtable records to Bubble to do this.

Are you looking to link to a Bubble page or an Airtable page?

If Bubble:
If you’re trying to show the page in Bubble for that row in the database, then you need to 1) pass the data to Bubble’s database, 2) link to a Bubble page that’s dynamic and can show that thing when it’s passed in with Current Cell’s Unique ID.

if Airtable
Rather than passing the data to another page in Bubble, you’d simply want to link to an external website and use the appropriate URL structure so that it sends to the page that corresponds to that cell.

I hope this helps clarify a bit.

Thanks again sridharan.s

I’m trying to make a wrapper, like a frontend app with an easier interface to manage an Airtable DB.

I’m using the API on my Bubble page and I’m able to show a Clients list on a repeated group, now I would like to open a details page from Bubble from a single client. That’s the step I’m kinda stumped. On other environments I would get ALL the data from the API when the component mounts then send the single object as props or send the recordID and use a single GET /id from the API to create pages dynamically.

Btw I’m using the official Airtable plugin by Bubble. The only actions I see are Create a new Airtable record, Delete an Airtable record and Modify an Airtable record. I know I can GET the full collection from the API but there’s no single GET/id that I can find.

Can you please give me an overview on how to pass the data to Bubble’s database.

  • How to do 1 initial call to populate the Bubble’s DB. If I create a new thing on page load, then it always creates a new thing, it doesn’t replace after the first one is created. I would like to keep them in sync.

You could have it create a thing only if that thing doesn’t exist in your database. For example, on the workflow to create the thing, add a condition on that workflow so that it only creates it if the “do a search for thing where unique id = the unique id” count: is 0

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This is exactly what I want to do. Did you solve this? Do you think using Airtable’s api is the best way to do this or did you end up transferring the Airtable data to the Bubble database and execute this?

Yes what I did was:
After you have a list from the items as a repeating group from Airtable DB.
-optional Make a single group inside the first item of the repeating group.
Now the Data Source for the group is Current Cell Airtable ***
Now make a workflow so when you click the group you go to another page.
The solution is to send the current cell Airtable RECORD ID as a parameter with “send more parameters to the page”, name it key or record if you want.

Now on your details page you can make a main group and the data source is AIRTABLE but :filtered by Airtable Record ID.
You will grab the Airtable Record ID from get parameter from page URL, make sure the name matches the one you sent.

After you filter by that record id make sure you grab the :first item, that way you are grabbing a single record to use as your Data Source for that page.

Sorry for the long reply, hope it helps.
Let me know if you didn’t understand something.

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Hi, im facing this exact scenario. I tried following your Feb4 advice but it’s not working. Would you mind including screenshots? It would help me a ton