Airtable data to detail views

Small question for those who are brooms in Bubble and who have already taken in hand the Airtable plugin.

I manage to display my data in a repeating group, but then I cannot link each item to a more detailed view.

Bubble offers me to contextualize only with the databases stored on their server but not via the Airtable integration.

Am I missing something or is it a limitation?
Do you have a tip?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

PS: sorry I’m a Noob level :grimacing: I just did the little guided exercises.
PS2: besides, they are very good for beginners.

Hey @julien.b, I think it depends on how you’re going about this.

If you want to open a new page that is the context from a Repeating Group, then you can make that page have a “Type of Content” that is set to an Airtable table. Then, when you navigate to that page by clicking on the Repeating Group you pass that Type of Content into the next page.

If you’re want a pop-up or something that’s built into the page (say it’s a Group), then you probably just need to do something similar. Set the Type of Content to what you want and then pass that into it.

Any elements inside of an element that has a Type of Content can easily reference that for any display elements.

Hope that helps…

Many thank’s Al for your answer !

I can’t solve my problem cause i don’t see my “type of content” on my detail’s page.

Maybe some screenshots could help you more than my poor english :laughing:

My first page with my repeating group settings

On my Detail’s Page settings,
I can’t choose an Airtable “Type of Content”.

Interesting. That feels like it may be a bug or oversight to me. Maybe ping support and see what they say?

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Hi @julien.b,
I have the same problem, did you manage to get out ?
Thank you,

Bonjour Nicolas,
malheureusement je n’ai pas trouvé de solution.
j’ai juste passer en mode popup.

I know this is an old thread…but just adding this in case people with the same problem stumble across it.

I followed videos 10 and 11 in this series to create a re-usable element and listing/detail page setup:

It works great if you’re using Bubble data, doesn’t work if you’re using AT.

My example:

  • listing page has a list of clients
  • detail page has a client profile section from a ‘user table’ from AT, and a related list of activities from another table in AT. They’re linked by email address.

This is how I got it work:

Listing page:

  • set the “data to send” to be your Airtable primary field, in this example, mine is set to “Parent group’s Users’s EmailAddressID” (not to be confused with Bubble’s user table)

Details page:

  • dragged the re-usable element on the page and set the Data Source to “Airtable: Users” and set a condition to filter by the email address I’m passing:

For the related activity list, it’s the same concept except I use a repeating group and set the data source Type of Content to my Activity table, and then the data source to “Airtable: User Activity:filtered” and then add the same condition so it retrieves the records for that user.

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