Repeating Group does not refreshe's its data coming from API

I need help while refreshing or clearing a cache of Repeating Group who’s data is coming from my External API.

Currently on repeating group i am taking a Data Source from a workflow using header (date) parameters which is not working …

check screen shots attached …

whats the best or other solution for that


Instead of using Current date/time directly, try to use a custom state with current date/time and refresh this custom state every X seconds with a workflow.

i have tried with the state as well, but not with every X second, just updating the state when page or action is performed … (that also didn’t work)

but setting state and getting a data from state is a old working scenario, on latest updates in it has to be work as i did … check the discussion on below link:

Dang… Sorry it isn’t working for you. Off hand, I cannot see anything wrong with what you’ve done. It could just be something with the particular API that is being used, but of course that doesn’t help at all!! My particular implementation still works - So I do not believe there has been a change in Bubble lately to cause the Date to not work in refreshing.

If you reach wits end, I’d reach out to Bubble support. They were the ones who gave me the information about using Date instead of the Custom States. @neerja has always been fantastic in her responses.

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