Alignment issues between editor view and live app

Hi, I’m new at bubble, my first app is a Note app (like evernote), I’m using to learning how to use bubble. I’m geting some alignment issues, between the editor and the “final result”.

Editor view

Final result

What´s causing that ?

@moabe.leite it’s a responsive issue, make sure that the « Titulo da Nota » element and the repeating group both:

  • have the same width
  • have the same fixed-width settings (either checked or unchecked)
  • have the same « minimum width » and « max width » settings (if fixed width checkboxes are unchecked)

Another way, group the two components and align them from the left border!

Thank’s for the answer. The problem was at responsive mode, you need to align left each item, because they are always align center.