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Bubble Broken via Facebook

As mentioned here:

Facebook internal browser does not load Bubble dynamic app data essentially rendering Facebook mobile a negative marketing stream. This is a major issue. Reposted as “bug” and reported.

Same problem here, scaring about 1/4 of my site visits away. As I understand it, the issue is at facebook’s end and with their browser. Non the less I hope the bubble team can make adjustments to improve the render.

Agree, its a massive issue.


I can confirm that we’re experiencing the same problem. Most dynamic elements (text, buttons with dynamic text) do not load using the facebook in-app browser. Bug report submitted.

I’ve double-checked privacy settings as well, thinking that there may be some correlation between that and which elements render properly but there doesn’t seem to be a link between the two. Images seem to load fine, just no text it seems.

Tough to debug since you’ve got to open the link in your mobile facebook app.

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