All Bubble Plugins are Missing their Events? Bubble, Please to Fix?

Umm… OK it seems @bubble broke element plugins now. None of my element plugins are showing their Events and all Events show up as [missing… ] items in the editor.

This seems like a pretty big problem.

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Yup. Tagging @sam.morgan for added visibility.

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i hope they will fix this issue asap, all plugin events are missing its a huge problem

We’re looking into this - thanks for flagging!


BTW, @sam.morgan this literally happened a few minutes before my original post. I had been publishing a plugin update and testing and basically at one moment Events were just fine and the next moment they went missing.

@sam.morgan can you enlighten us on what has recently changed in change practices @bubble?

In the last 10 days we have seen the list attributes issue, broken plugin submission issue, nodeJS incompatibilities causing production issues and today elements disappearing.

We all know here that there will always be bugs in softwares. What matters is how they are handled and what we learn from them.

Perhaps post-mortems reports would be welcome @josh @emmanuel . As I was saying, most of us are not “users” but businesses and project owners entrusting Bubble to propel them above and beyond.

Hi all - the fix for this issue is live.

@redvivi - nothing has changed recently - but we recognize these user facing issues are a big deal, and we are working hard internally to improve constantly.

@josh recently outlined some of our internal thinking and how we approach pushing changes in general: What is Bubble's policy on pushing changes? - #4 by josh


Can confirm that Events are back. Thanks for the quick fix @sam.morgan.


No problem, @keith - we’re very sorry this happened in the first place.

I think we all deserve to know exactly how you test proposed changes. All of your competitors are seeing bubble break things on a weekly basis and will eventually use this to promote their platform’s stability.

@josh Can you please create a monthly community livestream? I’m pretty sure you have the capabilities and employees to do so. If not, I’m looking for a new career and would be happy to be a community manager and run weekly and monthly discussions and gather the appropriate feedback for the successful evolution of your platform.