ALL changed field values disappearing from Thing table after page refresh (server changing date times to reflect daylight saving - what's the workaround?)

UPDATE : This is not isolated to dates, it seems to be ALL field changes today (31st October GMT) are being created and visible but then disappear after screen refresh @emmanuel.

UPDATE : The potential WORKAROUND below seemed to do the trick BUT then I page refreshed and the field values dissappeared again for no reason. Why / How can these field values be created, changed on the database table fields and then not be there after a page refresh.

@emmanuel - could this be a bug? Thanks!

POTENTIAL WORKAROUND : Have additional fields created as ‘Date Text’ and format each table dates as DD/MM/YY (so they become text - they lose the seconds, minutes, hours, in the process) prior to any comparison.

UPDATE : It seems this is related to the time of a table of dates changing from 09:00am (what I set it to) to 10:00am intermittently (timed with daylight saving). This is throwing off the Search : Sum which is why this is happening.

This is the list field dates AFTER they have been changed by the server…Note when they were updated they all read 09:00am as instructed. Then after a few minutes / hours they change to reflect daylight saving.

NOW, what I’m not sure is why dates that have been created and added to a list field are changing their time : hour values after the event without my asking it to. Is this something that happens server side? And if so how can it be turned off / disabled? Currently it’s throwing off a search condition based on date time match.

Any thoughts, welcome.

Hi, there.

I have an issue with field values calculated as a sum of a search appearing in my Thing database and then after refreshing the page they’re no longer there. This didn’t seem to be a problem until now. It’s like the values stay there and appear in the chart and on the ExcelTable so are useable but then on refresh gone, like they didn’t stick!

This is the workflow and the before and after refresh screenshot.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Richard.