All groups on a page deleted in one click. error

Good Morning Community
I need help with the application I created.
Yesterday, I transferred the dns of my application and during the transfer, I was editing this application.
When I clicked the right mouse button, the menu was fixed on the screen.
F5 and tried again, the menu was still fixed.
Then I wanted to delete the selected group and when I clicked this button, all my “normal” groups were deleted from the page.
The only groups left were the floating groups, popups and focused groups.
I require help because on that page alone, I have lost more than 50 hours of work.
Thanks everybody and happy holidays!

Translated with (free version)

you can revert the app to a saved point or to some point in time, depending on the plan.

Hello !
Thank you very much for your help, but it did not work.
The day of the error was 12/23/2022 at 21:00 French time and I tried 3 recoveries up to 2 dais apart and could not recover the lost groups.

You can try reporting a bug and see if the support can help with this

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