All visible elements suddenly deleted from page

Hey everyone, I’m experiencing something very weird. In about 10 years of Bubble experience I’ve never had this happen. All elements on my dashboard page (not my index, but the go-to page after logging in) seem to have disappeared/deleted suddenly. It’s like I wiped the complete page. It must have happened within the last 15-30 minutes, because the app was working fine before.

I’m at a complete loss for an explanation: I haven’t been working on this page, and I can’t imagine accidentally deleting all groups. The dashboard is also made up of different groups stacked upon each other, so I would have to have deleted them all at once.

It would seem like privacy rules might be in the way (they usually explain unexpected behaviour), but this shouldn’t affect the visibility of elements in the editor. Some context: I’ve been rebuilding the structure of the app, with users/organizations/organizational roles being in a different relationship with each other now. But I don’t see how this might have anything to do with it.

What is also strange, is that the header, footer, an floating groups on the page don’t show, though they’re still there in the side panel of the editor. Popups are the only thing working normally, but everything that normally should be visible on the page itself seems to have disappeared.
Other pages seem to behave normally.

I’m reluctant to touch the app any further. Does anyone know what might be going on? Some screenshots (not much more to show haha):

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Though I’m still very curious to hear what might have happened (probably my own fault somehow), this did prove to me: it’s very useful to regularly make complete back-ups of your app by copying them within Bubble (including database). It’s surprisingly easy to copy groups with functional workflows in between apps. It seems I’ll be able to replace my empty dashboard with the one of my back-up, that I (fortunately) only made two days ago. I’ve only tried this in between back-up apps because I don’t want to be in the way of the Bubble team’s ‘investigation’, but it seems to be working well.

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