All-In-One Event Management Platform like "vfairs" or "cvent"?

Hi everyone.

Is it possible to build An All-In-One Event Management Platform?
I would like to build an app for event where I am volunteer.

Copy of functionality from “vfairs”

Event Check-ins

  • Quickly check attendees in with unique QR-codes on the mobile app or email
  • Use regular iPads, tablets & smart phones as kiosks for badge printing. No special hardware required.
  • Reduce wait times with self check-in option for attendees (scan & go)
  • Automatically track attendance rates with a check-in app

Custom Badge Designs & Personalization

  • Create customized badge layouts & templates
  • Showcase your logos and branding on badges
  • Populate badges with custom information of your choice
  • Offer attendees custom, branded lanyards
  • Offer sponsorship opportunities on badge design

Badge Scanning

  • Lead Capture: Scan QR codes on attendees’ badges to connect. View their contact information and user profile, and export to follow up post-event
  • Session Scanning: Track traffic to each of your onsite sessions by quickly scanning attendee badges as they enter the theatre

Do you know any template to do something similar?

Kind Regards

Yup! I actually made an app that does exactly this. It’s for an individual conference series client, so not publicly available, but it includes most of the features you have listed, and ones it doesn’t have are definitely possible on Bubble.
It’s built entirely on Bubble, with the help of a number of plugins, and the mobile app (both for phone and tablet) is wrapped with Natively.
I still have a long to-do for additional features for that client but I did intend to build a template for it after the next conference this fall.

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Great. Thank you for the answer.
Any tips how to start? Did you do it from scratch?

I started from scratch. All the normal tips apply haha. I would definitely start by working on your data type structures first. I personally use LucidChart to map those out. It gets to be a lot more complex than I initially thought.
“List Shifter” and “PDF & Screenshot Pro - BEP” were critical plugins I use. The PDF one being for the badge printouts.

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Yes indeed, my main app does all of this and also integrates with an Open Badge platform to issue credentials to people. My ‘events’ are conferences, meetups, training etc and I created an Event Hub where people from multiple events can connect with people who attended similar events. They can share ‘aha’ moments, share and comment on challenges, chat within events etc.

There’s a full admin site for hosts to manage their events, add/change/move attendees, send emails (via postmark) etc.

I haven’t extended it to a mobile app yet but I will eventually. It’s all built from scratch as most bubble templates I found were either really bad, or far too over engineered to be useful for my case.


Thank you guys for all information. :smiley:
Like newbie, it isn’t easy, but I will try :nerd_face: