Repeating group stuck on fixed width, wont increase with page

I have a horizontal repeating group that is the size of the page it is on. When the page size increases, I would like the RG to increase, but its acting as if the width is fixed.

Have you tried this?:

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I didnt really want a maximum width, want it to always stretch out as much as possible. But i tried those settings just for fun and no change. The rg group stays the same width regardless of page size.

It won’t work if your PAGE is fixed width. Make your page responsive and you’ll see it (the RG) get fat and get skinny. (TWSS)

Page settings example:

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Hi Keith! Page is not fixed width, no elements are fixed width, nor do they have maximums. You can see the page is responsive from the photo i posted.

No, I can’t see that. When you make the page responsive your RG’s will become responsive.My second screenshot is of the page object. #worksinmyoffice

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heres a pic of the current settings, i want that repeating group in the center to expand to length of the entire page, anything look off to you?

Hi @alexsstockton :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the app editor? (Can PM me if you prefer!)

Will do, do i need to change any settings for you to access?

You can temporarily set it to public by going to Settings --> General --> Application Rights: (select Everyone can edit). Then copy the editor’s URL and paste it into a new reply or PM :slight_smile:

Sup Alex!

SHORT ANSWER: It’s Bubblin’ simple bro. Kindly plop yer Horizontal RG into a squishable Group. Boom Done-a-roonie. When your group compresses n grows, so doth yar wee bonny HRG.

LONG ANSWER: Don’t read this, it already wasted my time to write this, I don’t wanna waste your time too!

Your quandry derives from the fundamentally different concept that is the ye old HORIZONTAL repeating group. The logic required to create a thing designed to scroll left n right in a responsive situation gave Emmanuel a question of default construction. Let it comress by default or not? He chose to freeze the HRG in place despite the responsive nature of the site. He created a backdoor to let us Bubblers dress up a HRG in a flexible box when we’re tidying up the place for visitors.

yada yada yada… Why he created that specific element in that way? I have my thoughts, but I’m busy, and was just taking a break from working to come and have a nice warm cup o tea with you folks.

So, mah advice bro:

  1. Consider yer audience (will your creation be beaming all over the internet to land on … phones/ computer monitors/large tv? Tablets?)

  2. Build a horizontal RG that will suite the needs of your viewers… Caution, if you crank our content that is much wider than the screen it was intended for, your users might not be able to horizontally scroll all the way to the right to see your lovely creations.

  3. In responsive, fix yer margin to the left bruh!

  4. OR, as mentioned above, simple throw yer HRG in a responsive group and Bob’s yer uncle (I literally have an uncle named Bob.

Peace, joy, and sufficient hydration.

Happy Bubblin’!


hi @alexsstockton,

did you manage to solve the problem? I’m facing the same situation.

This screenshot shows the rp in the edit mode. It’s width is large as the page, that is 1200

All settings are set correctly, but the rp doesn’t stretch, and it stays 1200.

Any ideas?

Thank you


As far as I can tell, with a horizontal RG, the following applies:

You can stretch out the RG container to any width, effectively creating multiple columns

However, the contents inside the RG will not stretch, which is the behavior I need.

@emmanuel, can you confirm this is the case?

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