All rich text editors have terrible reviews

Hi everyone.

My users have been complaining that the default rich text editor is laggy (from the moment they type a letter on their laptop or mobile, it takes 1-2 seconds till the character appears in the editor).

So I started looking for other rich text editor plugins and turns out they all have really low ratings. Some don’t have auto binding, some are buggy.

But the number of downloads are super high nevertheless. Seems to me like people are putting up with half a** features because they have no better options. I’d personally pay $100 (once) for a new plugin that works well tbh. Thought I’d share this so that hopefully someone here picks this up and builds a new premium rich text editor. Super shocked that this isn’t yet a solved problem.

  • Are you using the new responsive engine and latest version of the plug-in?

  • Are you able to reproduce the issue? If so, submit a bug report. (You’ll be helping not only yourself but everyone else who uses the plug-in as well.)

It’s entirely possible that some rogue JS or another plugin is consuming excessive resources and causing the problem; but if you can narrow it down to Bubble’s Rich Text Input plugin and can provide a simple working example of the issue, that’s probably your best bet.

Good luck.

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Yep using the new responsive engine. I can’t consistently reproduce the issue but I’ve experienced it once or twice myself.

do you think it could be traffic? we’re on Production plan, getting around 1000+ unique app visitors daily

@sina :vulcan_salute:

Okey man, be first, give it a try :wink:

A demo page, enjoy :slight_smile:

I’ll wait :full_moon_with_face:

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This looks great :slight_smile:

Does it output BBcode or HTML?

@equibodyapp hi
It’s html output.
I’m adding markdown now too

BBcodes idk if it’s a good idea :confused:


does it support tagging other users by @?

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It will be possible, in next 2-3 updates soon

do you have a public backlog where we can see what’s next? :smiley: curious about the volume and timeline of change (and when to expect that). also if there’s anything we can do to support you?

No I do not have one, but it’s a good idea, plus i know this library on a good base an I’m planning to add all major futures to it.
Mentions, export to docx, pdf, also ckeditor for docx documents support.

@sina a subscription for a cup of coffee it’s always a good idea

:vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute: Ave


Hey I just purchased the plugin and tried it out and I’m pretty disappointed. Not gonna leave a review on the plugin page yet and will probably check it out in a few weeks/months.

It’s missing some of the most basic things like placeholder (which honestly I don’t think you should ship a rich text editor plugin without it having such basic features :sweat_smile:)

Just going thru the other plugins and writing down some basic user stories will save you some time, and save users time and money.


Nah it was released without it, but the last major update is under bubble review yet, and it will be soon live, it think Monday?)
Check it out later, yeah.
But thank you for earlier support,
Really appreciate that :vulcan_salute:

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trying it agian and it’s much better. it’d be great if read-only mode would disappear the toolbar :slight_smile:

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yes, it will be a later update today/tomorrow, with customizable toolbar : )

I’ve had a great experience using Rich Text Editor from Zeroqode. There are a lot of negative reviews but it is by far the most robust RTE I could find & it gets updated regularly.


i ended up using it yesterday and I agree!