All styles are gone

Updating than refreshing the page causes all styles to be gone , on page level only in editor its all the same

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Experiencing the same issue. Any updates?

Oh it is good to hear , I thought the problem is local to me , I believe problem applies to heavier pages.

The same problem, have reported the bug

Same problem

I’m sure most of you have already done it, but make sure you all file bug reports so Bubble support can see that the issue is more widespread.

So , new diagnosis about the problem , it is not about the size of page that causes but which page the update has done to.

Same issue here. It comes and goes on both web and mobile. Very aggravating right now!

Please notify me if it’s fixed

@emir.ozgun , @drozhatvids , @2706mason

So I think I found a whacky fix and not sure how long this would fix it for or if it’ll fix things for you, but it worked for me.

Basically, go to the styles tab, go to style variables, copy one of the colors’ hex code, change the color to something else, and then paste the hex code that you copied just so everything is back to normal.

So what I’m trying to say is, change a color within the styles tab just so the system registers it as an interaction and initializes it.

What I suspect is, it might be initializing the new styles system (similar to how you get bug errors when you copy workflows from one page to another about a missing empty folder and you have to click on blank to reinitialize it).

Hey , they mailed me that it is fixed . However , it is not fixed , now only some paddings and some text are gone . I emailed them back about it again , they will fix it entirely soon I guess.

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Yeah I noticed it’s not fixed yet either. When the same user logs out and logs in it messes things up as well.

This’s concerning because I don’t want my app to break and wait for the team to fix it. I wish there was a way to just stay on a specific version without updating just in case.

When this happened ?

It’s still happening.
The padding is messed up, some colors are gone, etc

I have something similar to this. I am getting an error that is cites a specific text and says None (Custom) is not a possible option. I have most of the app built with a ton of purpose built styles but the admin was built in a quick and dirty fashion so no pre-defined styles. Now just as I am trying to go live, it looks like I will have to develop custom styles in order to correct the errors so I can go live. Based on what I have read above, it sounds like that might just spark more problems for me. Logged Bug and was told that others have reported this and that they are working on it - but no ETA on an update or a fix.

Styles are still gone…

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Same here.

I really wish there is a way we can disable updates because right now I’m not confident to ship my apps to thousands of users with the possibility of it breaking at any moment

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