Page colors stopped updating

When I go to change the color of the page, it shows up in the developer but when you preview it is still the old color.

Any chance there’s another element on top of it when it’s view in preview mode? Or, perhaps a condition is running to change it to another color?

You can always use the debugger (debug_mode=true) to see what’s happening on the page which is the key to figuring out what’s causing unexpected outcomes like this one.

it is a pretty blank page right now, no predefined formats, no conditions, and nothing in front of it. I wish it were that simple.

Could you post a screenshot of your editor and of the page itself? I’m happy to look and see if I notice anything amiss.

yep, i was working on that, look above.

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Can you add a screenshot of the editor showing the values for the red element?

I got it to work by turning of paralax

Odd though I don’t have to do that on some other pages, maybe because my background is not a color, just the group elements I used…

Got it. Your background style is set to “image”. If you change it to “solid color” this should work.

Oh man, it was that simple. haha… thanks for your help! Sorry I posted this as a bug but the last few requests for help I had went straight to bugs so thought I was advancing myself as a user… That is what I get for getting cocky.

We’ve all been there. It’s part of the experience.

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