Allow users to claim pre made profiles

Hi there,

Anyone have any suggestions for a workflow that allows a user to claim a pre made profile?

The site is a directory that has profiles already created from our email marketing list. The idea I had is that they can authenticate their identity and claim a profile via the email already stored in the database, which is associated with that profile. It would resemble a reset password request.

We regularly email them, but at the end of the email I would like to have a URL that brings them to a page to allow them to claim the profile associated with the email address to allow them to view their dashboard, analytics and set their preferences. I am wondering would something using the unique id work, maybe a URL path?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I looked into this briefly, and have some ideas.

#1 - Set up your Users datatype with a yes/no field called “Active?” with the default set to NO

#2 - Create users (using create an account for someone else) for each of these profiles with their email addresses, but set up so it does not send them an email (i.e. if Active? is “No”). If you have a lot of them, perhaps use a backend workflow to automate.

#3 - When they click on the marketing email, it either sends them to a page to enter in their email, which triggers a password reset, which they will receive in their email inbox, or for a more advanced way, you could embed that email address somehow and have the workflow do this automatically, sending them to a thank you page telling them to check their inbox claim their account and select (reset) their password.

Hi @luke1 , did you figure this out? I want to do the same thing