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Allow users to embed YouTube/Soundcloud links + preview?

Hi! I’m creating a music kind of app where I want users to be able to save their favorite tunes from YouTube and possibly Soundcloud (and Bandcamp). I want them to be able to drop a link in and we are able to see the piece of music and interact with it – like an embed – you can listen to the song via the app being made.

There’s more functionality of course but I just want to know if this is possible – I want them to be able to save it as well.

This is definitely possible with Bubble. Give me some time and I could make you a demo.

Here you go, the demo shows how to display the embedded player from a link.

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@marcusandrews - I had the same issue and this worked perfectly for me - thanks heaps. I’ve never used the find and replace thing before - It’s definitely gonna come in handy for other things too.

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Great, glad it helped :smiley:

Just noticed that my SoundCloud HTML embedding only seems to work on desktop.

On mobile browsers the soundcloud player is grey/faded and when you click play on it, it doesn’t play but instead opens the soundcloud app.

YouTube HTML embedding is fine on mobile browser though.

@marcusandrews - Any ideas?

These examples seem to be blank, unless I’m viewing them wrong? :thinking: Are these still working demos of how to display the embedded player from a link? I’d love to check them out :innocent: