Let users add links to profile?

I have a platform where users can create their own profiles and I would like to add a feature where they can upload links to for example spotify and youtube to their profile and make this visible in the public profile for other users to click on and get sent to the links destination.

Any tips to how I should to this? I am quite new to bubble so a little detailed explanations is very much appreciated!

I would do the following -

  1. Update the User data type to include the fields for capturing the Spotify and Youtube links.
  2. In the screen where the profile details are being captured, include 2 elements to capture the links.
  3. In the profile display page, include the links and have it reference the fields from the User data type

Thank you, I might be very noob for not being able to do this but I do get the concept but could you break it down in even more detailed steps?

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