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Allow users to preview a listing they are creating before posting + allow editing after posting

Hello dear bubble users,

I am creating a website where users will be able to post listings, similar to airbnb. I would like to allow users to preview their listing before they press submit. Basically show them how their listing will look like, allowing them to make final changes to the listing before they submit.

In connection to the same, how can I allow users to edit their existing listing at a later stage, after they submitted to the website? Say they want to upload new photos or change information in the listing description.

Apologies in advance if that’s been asked before, I looked and couldn’t find. Would appreciate your direction to an existing post or your advice.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @karapetyan.t ,

What I recommend is adding a “status” to the listing data type. So when they are creating it, have the status be “in draft” so they can preview. Make sure that on the listing page itself, it’s only visible in the “in draft” status if the creator is the current User.

When the listing is “live” just have the status set to “live.” That way, any user can see the listing.

If the creator of the listing wants to make changes later, set the listing back into “in draft” so that an admin can take a look at the listing, approve it, and set the status back to “live.”

Does that help?

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Hello @Nocodify, thanks for the info! I will try to get my head around it, but I think I do understand!

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