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How do I show a users listing in certain places?

I am currently building an app on bubble that will let users sell their items, message other users to buy their items, post ads that tell people they are needing help with certain tasks, post ads that tell users they are looking for members to join clubs, bands etc. I have divided them into subcategories that you will get to see what listings are posted into them. On the “Your Account” page, I have a, “Post A Listing” button that will let the user post their listing and choosing what category their listing is in. I don’t know how to set up the button to where it will post that listing into the category that they chose. Each category has it’s own separate page. On my, “Post A Listing” button, I have the workflow set as, “Create a new thing” to “Create a new listing” with the type as, “Listing”. The fields I have are,
“Name = Input Item Name’s value
Price = Input price’s value” and then I have the PictureInputValues for images A B and C. Is there something I have done wrong or need to add? I am very stuck and am needing help as I am new to bubble (loving it so far). I still have a bit more work to do with it and further more questions but right now I really need this out of the way. If you could help that would be wonderful.
Thank you.

Hope this helps

You have to create a category field in the data section as well. A good way to utilize the data section is to create other fields (with different types) that could help you manage the listing later. Example a "yes/no’ field to display the listing.

Hope this answers your question.

Thanks for the reply. I am still having trouble though. With this, I was able to display what the users listing would look like, but am still having trouble with the button workflow when it comes to posting the listing into a certain subcategory or “Page”.