Allowing multiple companies to use my app

I guess like most Bubble starters I just started building my app so that multiple uses can use it for “one company”. However, if I actually want to start letting multiple companies test my app, I need to be able to keep company data separate.

I understand that I have a choice between multi-tenant and single-tenant architecture as per here Multiple apps att same domain? and it seems like multi-tenant is the easiest way to get started (and cheaper).

But is there any good guide to explain what I actually need to do in all my Workflows and databases etc to make this switch from “one company” to multiple companies? Am I literally going to have to change every single part of the app and data to say which company the data belongs to?

It feels like this is a step every Bubble builder would have to take when moving from prototype to a usable product.


Good question. Also interested in this. Watching this topic.

You’d need to add in a ‘company’ data type, and then put all the user and whatever other data types you have below the company data type.

That way you can then create privacy rules and conditions where the user can only see data if they’re part of that company.

In regards to your workflows, unfortunately this is something that you should’ve thought of before building your app (the possibility of having multiple companies). I don’t know your workflows but most likely they’ll need to change as well.


Yes :wink:

OK, this isn’t going to be easy but I guess I will just have to work it out. I also found this guide, but if anyone knows of anything else helpful I would be grateful.

I’d suggest that maybe this is something that Bubble might want to build in by default a bit more, or make more explicit in on-boarding, as they already do with Users as I think many people are going to find themselves in my position. The easier it is to deploy an app to “real world”, the more real Bubble apps we will see out there being commercialised.

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