Bubble Capabilities - Multiple Companies each with Multiple Users?

Greetings all,
I apologize if this question has been answered but I’ve searched for quite a while both online and in the forum and have not found a definitive answer.

I am building an application that companies will use to store data specific to their operations. With this in mind, I need to be able to offer the following:

  • A User can sign up and create a new Company
  • User can invite other Users from their Company to join the application
  • Users belong to a Company and can only see data owned by that Company (many Users to one Company)
  • The app allows for multiple Companies (multi-tenancy)

I’m not so worried about having dynamic subdomain assignment (would be nice but it looks like it is not available) but the data does have to be owned by the Company. So for example:

User1 belongs to CompanyA - when UserA signs in, the welcome screen says “Welcome to CompanyA”

User2 belongs to CompanyB and sees “Welcome to CompanyB” when they sign in.

I’m really hoping that this is already accounted for in Bubble but I am not sure.

I am also not sure if the Production tier is required to satisfy this and if so, not clear if a new subscription is required for each sub-app.

Thank you in advance for your help!

You should be able to easily achieve this if I understand the question correctly.

On the User object, you’ll attach the Company object to which they belong. When a user logs in, they might be directed to a certain page relevant to their company, or to a more general page that only loads some dynamic data that’s relevant to their company (i.e. a Welcome page that replaces the name of the company with the user’s company’s name).

As for the data, you can set up privacy rules in the database so that no data that is unrelated to the current user’s company can be shown to them in any way.

This would be one app, so you need only one subscription for the app.


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Thank you Kevin! This is very helpful. I’ll give it a try and see if it works.

Hello @aarongopp,

I am also trying to understand the procedures to develop this kind of application. Really appreciate it if you can share your experience.