One app for more companies, instances?

It’s not totally clear for me yet after searching the forum if I can make one app (I made an app with a database for one company) which more than 2 companies can use so I only need to update one app and every company can make use of it (and the database)?

If this is possible I don’t have to update every app with the same new functions…

You can create one application that can be used by multiple companies similar to any saas (ex Trello).

This is done by using permissions and some fields in the database assigning users to different companies and granting each company different permissions.


Thanks for your reply!

So do I need to add a table with companies too and change the workflow rules etc. to get it done? Because, I did not build my app to let more than one company use it.

Is this a lot of work to fix? Maybe you can tell me what the quickest way is to get it done (if it can be done easyly and quick :see_no_evil:)?

Quickest way right now would be to clone the app for every new customer. But this is costly and extremely time consuming if you need to make any updates as you would need to update every app.

Quickest in the long term but more work now, is to set it up as a multi-tenant SaaS as suggested above using a Data type for the Company and setting up data permissions based on the Company. There are a few forum posts about it if you search for ‘multi-tenant’

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Crap. :joy: well, the project is not finished yet so maybe this is a good moment to fix it :see_no_evil:.

Thanks for the reply and I will check multi-tennant on the forum first :muscle:t4:

Honestly though, the first version of my SaaS was just for 1 customer like yours is. They basically had Evenbtrite built into their own website.

Then once I had a paying customer, they referred me another one so I started building the multi tenant version. The approach isn’t for everyone, and caused some headaches, but it was a good ‘stair step’ approach

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Well, let’s get it on then… maybe I am just on time :face_with_hand_over_mouth: after my vacation I am gonna sit around the table with a customer, so there’s enough time… first a check :smirk:

I am creating an invoice app and in the database and UI I have setup the users, brands and products + pages. I still need a table + pages for the company data and invoices. I didn’t made it yet.

I do have users and user types, logging in and registering already works…

Also see this search of bubble forums

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Your help is much appreciated guys :pray: thanks!