Setup app(s) for multiple businesses

What is the best way to build separate databases for different businesses using the same app? Is it better to duplicate the app for each business, or is it more feasible to assign users to their own company with permissions to only their database?

Curious about others who have exceeded the workflow runs of their Bubble plan due to a scenario like this. Anyone?

You may want to look into the sub app feature (starts on the Team Plan), since this is made for that kind of scenario:

From the Pricing Page:

This feature lets you build one main application and create several copies of it that will be linked to the main app. You can then push changes you made to the main app to the sub apps. This is especially useful for SaaS type applications.

This will allow you to create a primary app once, and then push the structure of it to all sub-apps, which will each have independent databases:


Thanks! Is there any other method to achieve a similar outcome, at least while I scale up?

Yes, you can include all of the data in one database and then use database permissions and on-page logic to only show content to each company that belongs to them. In general, this approach is easier to maintain.

However, using the sub app feature (which is called a multi-tenant architecture) stores the data more securely for each company in that if you accidentally make a mistake, then there’s still no way for them to see another companies data because it’s in a different database.


Thanks @sridharan.s!