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Allowing user to filter search results from a repeating group

Hi. New to Bubble and finding it great so far. Is it possible to enable users to filter a list of search results in a repeating group? I have created a very basic database of online publications. The user can search for keywords in the publications’ blurbs using an input box. Any publications featuring the keyword(s) in their blurbs are displayed in a repeating group. The results are automatically displayed in descending order (by publication date). The final step I want is for users to be able to choose to filter out certain authors. So if the search resulted in 10 publications from 5 authors, the user could ‘untick’ say 2 of the authors they wanted to exclude from the results. Not expecting detailed instructions, just want to know whether this is possible. Thanks.

Yes, having a list to tick/untick can be a bit fiddly but it would certainly be possible to do this.

Thanks Nigel. After much playing around, I’ve still not been able to figure this out. Could I get your help (i.e. on a paid freelancer training basis)?

It shouldn’t take too long. But be aware that there is an issue with the way these dynamic filters currently work, so you have to go very s l o w l y when clicking !