Almighty Dropzone - Google Cloud Storage plugin

Hi all,

I am very happy that my first plugin for Bubble just got approved :blush:. I was using Bubble for almost a year now and enjoyed most of it, but I felt the file upload was highly limited and wouldn’t work well for a project I started. Also, I couldn’t find a Google Cloud Storage plugin that can upload a file directly from the client, and having used Google Cloud for years I felt more comfortable working with their platform compared to other cloud providers. Also, I made a script that helps you set up GCS in 2 minutes even if you haven’t ever used it. I put extra effort to enable private buckets and a high level of security and documented some of the decisions. The plugin is designed with security in mind even for less technical users who just want to automatically set up everything, you will get a private storage bucket with time-limited download links.

Detailed documentation is available at:

Live demo:

Demo editor:

If you need anything of the following it may be useful to you as well:

  • Custom design for a file uploader
  • Need more than 10 GB of storage space (and don’t want to upgrade your bubble plan yet)
  • Per file workflows even on the free plan.
  • File upload of specific extensions
  • Upload multiple files larger than 50 MB at once
  • Need to use time-limited download links

No GUI is included in the plugin, but it is specifically designed so you can use the full power of the Bubble editor

Thank you! All feedback is appreciated :v:


I made a video tutorial on how to set up and use the plugin :blush:

Can this be used to zip and download a folder in cloud storage?


Unfortunately not. I’d be happy to look into this for the next version. Would an action that takes a list of uploaded file locations and generates a zipped file work for your use case?

P. S. Thanks for the how to return an object videos :blush:


Thank you for the plugin. I am currently developing an events planning and social events platform and if their file upload was too little then I would require this. I am going to install it and see whether or not they use any bigger file upload. I know I have not checked if they’re uploading anything as I’m bogged down with work - I am confident this plugin will sove my problems. Hope you are well and happy.

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@markeymark101 I’m happy you found a potential use for it :blush: If you decide to go for it let me know what you experience is or if you have any questions about the integration.

New update for the responsive engine :partying_face:
I also looked into a zip feature, however, the Google storage API doesn’t support it so it will be a bit more complicated…
The plugin page is here: Almighty Dropzone - Google Cloud Plugin | Bubble

Hi all,
I reduced the price temporarily of both of my plugins ( this one and Email a Bubble Page) so more people are able to get it before it gets a couple of reviews. Please leave an honest review on the plugin page and write any feature requests there or here. Thanks :blush:

Finally a Google Cloud storage plugin that isn’t just Google Drive. I might test this out. I didn’t watch your video or anything yet but is there support for storing everything in subfolders? So in Bubble you can create a folder with the Current Page’s things UniqueID?

@tylerboodman Thanks😊 Yeah, you can do that, you are free to structure data in any way you want. In the get Upload URL’s filename, you can add a path including the folder name. Just uncheck the UUID prefix as it will add a folder with a random name for each uploaded file.

looks good and it seems easy to setup. is there any particular benefit of using google storage instead of aws?

Hi, Dave. I personally prefer Google Cloud, but they are both great services.
If you are comparing plugins available for Bubble (this one and the AWS plugin). The advantages of my plugin are support for private buckets (therefore better security), a script for google cloud sets up storage bucket automatically (no need for a long manual setup), per file workflows and a highly customisable design (you can create everything from scratch using native bubble elements including progress bars) .

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Hi @aniv
Nice plugin and love the setup script :slight_smile: Deleting my previous question about silent failure (I had a problem in my workflows :slight_smile: - plugin easily uploads files > 100M

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@aniv this plugin is a thingy of beauty :heart_eyes:


Thank you Luke :blush:

Is it possible with this plugin to get the data from a private bucket on gogle cloud storage?

@aniv your documentation is fantastic. I wish all plugin devs went to that level of effort.

For the forum, has anyone tried and successfully layered in an image compression step with this plugin?



Hi @aniv , is there any way to compress or resize images before upload with this library / plugin?


hi Aniv. Could you put the documentation back on. I am trying to reach the site but it seems to be down

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Hi @aniv - would it be possible to allow the upload URL timeout to be configurable? - not fixed to 60 minutes. I am trying long running uploads (60 files of 1G) and it is taking over an hour (as I would expect) but what I am seeing is 403 errors in the console towards the end of the upload. My theory is that the upload URL has expired by the time the upload process gets to towards the end of the list of files to upload.

Also I see that the number of threads doing the uploads always seems to be 2 - could that be also made configurable (but default to 2)

It would also be very handy if this method in the plugin returned a success or failure status or message. Upload Current File of Dropzone then should the upload fail we have a way to detect and manage that failure. Which will probably need to be an exposed state I am guessing but it would be better than nothing. :slight_smile:


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