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Alternative email service provider plug-ins?


I was wondering if anyone knows any free email service provider plug-in that allows me to use the rich text editor when typing the message, just as Bubble’s “Send email” function.

I am looking for an alternative since Bubble’s “Send email” emails are not received by hotmail/outlook users.

The sendinblue plug-in available requieres html coding so it doesn’t works for me.

Ideally, I am looking for a service provider with a free plan, Postmark has no free plans apparently.

They have a developers plan, 100 emails a month.

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Hmm, did not find it on the pricing page. I believe it is when you signup as developer , you’ll see it in the dashboard right? :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I didn’t see that

Hey @johnny! I was wondering if you could help me with this:

This postmark plugin is not processing the bbcode (bold, hyperlinks, etc) in the text body.

I have around 40 different “send email” workflows full of dynamic values.

Do you know anything that I can do to make the plugin process correctly the bbcode?

Maybe someway that I can convert it to html and paste the output into the html text body.
The problem with this is that I can’t copy and paste bubble’s dynamic values into an html converter, so I would have to delete all the dynamic values one by one, convert the bbcode text to html and then re-add the dynamic values one by one to the html text.

There are hundreds of dynamic values so this would be crazy.

Here you can see an example of my messages, note that they are full of dynamic values:

Please let me know if you know any solution! Thanks

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