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Bubble's email deliverability rate


Does anyone here have the metrics of Bubble’s email deliverability rate?


Bubble doesn’t deliver emails. They have Sendgrid integration built in, so you would check Sendgrid’s stats. In my experience they are not so good unless you pay for a dedicated IP address. I prefer Postmark for sending email from Bubble.

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Got it, thanks!

Where exactly can I change my email provider? Thanks in advance @jaredg :slight_smile:

You would just need to add a plugin for the provider of your choice (just search plugins for “email”) and use that plugin’s send email action rather than the built-in Bubble Send Email (which uses Sendgrid).

Awesome thanks! I’m probably going to look into SendInBlue then, as I’ve heard many good things about them. :slight_smile:

But thanks for the suggestions on Postmark!