Rich Text To Email Issue (Formatting help!)

Hi guys,

I am using Postmark to send HTML Formatted emails to users.

I’m using the Rich Text Plugin from bubble for in app communication.

I have it set that new comments are sent via email (Postmark Plugin) to users.

However, if there is any formatting in the text at all, it comes through as below (unsure what the formatting code is - it’s not HTML)

Any ideas on how to fix this?


A wider screenshot of the email that gets received

Hey @ian11

Rich Text uses BB Code for formatting.

The solution will depend on if you want to keep the formatting or remove the formatting.

If you’re looking to remove all the formatting, you can use a find and replace statement - with Regex - on the text you want to use in the email body. I have used the following Regex and works in my instances \[[^]*?\]. Leave the ‘Replace by’ text empty to remove all the BB Code tags:
Screenshot 2023-08-15 160206

If you’re looking to keep all the formatting, you could look to do a find and replace for all the different BB Code tags and replace them with the relevant HTML tags. But this will also depend on how you’re parsing the text to Postmark. This solution will take some trial and error.

Hope this helps!