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Am in the dark in terms of Hosting & Custom domain in personal plan

Am on the personal plan and am currently using bubble to develop an online clothing store website for a client and it just hit me that i don’t know what to do after i finish the website. How will i hand it over to my client, issues to do with hosting? Does my plan cover hosting? and if so for how long? Then looks like my plan supports a custom domain, how do i do this and how many custom domains can i have?

When you finished, you publish it to the ‘live’!

Yes, your plan includes hosting, up to the number of App and number of workflow runs/app and the file storage limit. You register a custom domain with any provider and point the DNS settings to Bubble. If you want multiple domains, use your registrar to point them all back to the main domain you want to use. For full email integration, you integrate the Send grid API.

You could then either:
a) sell the whole lot over to the client and walk away, or
b) bill the client monthly/yearly for a ‘maintenance agreement’ to continue the hosting etc. or
c) come up with some other contractual agreement to cover your costs and time.

The hosting lasts as long as you pay the plan price.

Thank you for responding.
Now does it mean the month i don’t pay for my plan,all my clients will not access their sites?

Or is there a way i can choose not to take up hosting from bubble and just outsource a custom domain and hosting from a hosting company so that my clients are not tied to my subscription?


Data Ownership and Exporting
The basic rule: you own your data. This includes the design of your application and the data that your users upload (pursuant to your own agreement with them, of course).

We support automatically exporting user-created data in the form of CSV files. For other types of data export, contact us: we’ll make it work for you.

Bubble apps can only be run on the Bubble platform; there’s no way of exporting your application as code. If you decide to move off the Bubble platform, you’ll have to rebuild the application logic, although we can help you export the design. We’ll do our best to help you leave if you want to. Our goal, though, is for Bubble to grow with your app; via our javascript and API integrations, you’ll never hit a hard limit of the system, and we plan to keep our pricing competitive with the cost of building out your own engineering team and infrastructure.

anyway I think there is some way to pass the app to a new “client” bubble account if you ask. But people know more about how does it work here…

I am sure if your client created there own plan and you speak to the @bubble team, they would transfer the app ownership if the system is capable.

If the plan lapses to the free plan, the number of private apps allowed drops to zero. Existing private apps are still active, but aren’t allowed to be edited until either converted to public apps, or the plan is changed, or the app is put onto a plan that includes private apps.

FYI For client sites, public apps aren’t suitable, as they can be edited and the data accessed by anyone.

Yes this happens.

Disclaimer: this is from my experience and not necessarily official Bubble policy.

Thank you all
Let me send an email to bubble and see what my options are

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