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An hour or two of live lessons on bubble

Hey all,

I’d like to stick with Bubble but I just feel like I’m having trouble with some basics. The information on these forums and the documentation is great. I’m sure I’ll get a lot more value out of it once I have more of the basics down. Unfortunately, I’m a bit blocked right now with grasping some of the fundamentals.

Anyone know of someone willing to spend 1-2 hours walking through Bubble live? Seems like AirDev isn’t doing that anymore.


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Depends which time-zone, but if we can sort things timing-wise then I could do this for you.

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Appreciate it Nigel! I’m in California but am pretty flexible with my hours and can work around you if it makes it possible.

If you could do a lunch-time, then that would work for me.

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Great. Are you west coast also?

Sadly not, UK, south of London :slightly_smiling:

Will pop you over a mail. Will Skype be OK ?

Someone should build a “what time are you free” time zone matchup app thing !

Skype works. Tomorrow at this point will be better for me. Is that okay?